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AI-Switch (Multiple step/position switch)
  • The 1st ON/OFF state can obtain with mechanical switches. The 2nd step or subsequent ones can recognize by pressure measured by pressure sensors.
  • Because of the key top structure is seesaw mechanism, after removing the applied pressure, the key top returns to level immediately and switch state returns to OFF state.
  • Because of mechanical switches for the 1st ON/OFF step, it is possible to get certainly ON and OFF state with click feeling.
  • Because of the 2nd step or subsequent ones determine by recognizing the output of anagogic pressure sensors, the ON/OFF positions are programmable by software.
  • For image display equipments,with this switch, it is easy to switch single frame forward to single frame backward repeatedly. And this switch achieves switching from forward moving to backward moving with proper speed.
    < By this feature, it is possible to get easy image searching operation.>

    This switch can achieve approximately 5 times of durability compared with our recent products.

Application Examples

Four Directions AI-Switch
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